There are Talkers and there are Doers

As mentioned in previous articles, the foremost personal benefit of spearheading the Shefa Mindful Abundance initiative in Israel is the opportunity to meet and learn from some exceptional passion-driven people making a real positive impact through their businesses. I experienced this once again last week via another aspect of our ecosystem – our foundation stakeholders, whereby I had the opportunity to introduce Shmuel Sackett, International Director of Am Yisrael Chai (AYC), to one of our anchor suppliers, Meshek Tushia and accompany him and his wife on a site visit.

We all know the age-old adage – “there are two types of people – ‘talkers’ and ‘doers’ – Shmuel is a ‘doer’. The rationale behind the introduction was that Mehsek Tushia is at an inflection point in its business cycle whereby it is looking to scale its operations due the fact that demand for its products is consistently surpassing its production capacity. One of the multitudes of philanthropic initiatives of AYC is its “Israel Trees Project” whereby it facilitates the planting of new fruit trees across Israel by financing all the set-up costs of the planting process. After already facilitating the planting of some 400,000 fruit trees, AYC has taken upon itself the arduous task of financing the planting of a further 200,000 fruit trees by the forthcoming Shemitah Year.

As with many of the archetypal ‘doers’ in this world, there comes a certain element of reputation and Shmuel is no exception to this. This is perhaps because real ‘doers’ are not driven by their self-reputation but rather by their morals, ideals and passion and once again Shmuel is exemplary of this. What I found striking about all of AYC’s philanthropic initiatives is that the common denominator across all of them is ‘Chessed’.

Needless to say that the AYC Fund is underwriting the cost of Meshek Tushia’s expansion of its very special permaculture farm in the Negev. However, the refreshing aspect for me was the unassuming and compassionate humility through which Shmuel does what he does in not only injecting crucial financial support but a sense of fortitude and self-worth to the AYC’s funding recipients.



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