Meshek Tushia

Supplier Name: Gal Tushia
The word ‘Tushia’ in modern Hebrew is loosely translated as ‘resourcefulness’ however this is not the reason for the name of this farm. Meet Gal Tushia, the trailblazing passion-driven permaculture farmer and owner of Tushia Organic Farm. True to his namesake – a pretty resourceful guy.

Tushia Farm has almost a cult-like following amongst the emerging Farm-to-Table community in Israel specifically due to its grapes and grape juices known for their unique balanced fruity sweetness. This year Gal has scaled out to his first series of wines including a delightful Muscat, a vibrant dry red and a unique port-like offering. The farm also produces premium olives and olive oil and a range of seasonal exotic fruits and pineapples. Being a young farm Gal is continually experimenting and learning about the propensity for land regeneration through the cultivation of different produce and species suited to the unique conditions of the Negev desert.

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