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We define uniqueness by each product’s impact data: how does the product represent the economic, social and environmental outcomes created as a result of its trade? We utilize best practices from the field of impact measurement and management, including the B Impact Assessment, the Global Impact Investing Network’s IRIS Impact Metrics, and international organic, biodynamic and regenerative organic standards, to bring the most authentic products to you.

Realize the Creation of Positive Impact Outcomes

With each purchase, you are supporting the realization of positive impact, and our job is to make sure you can join us along your product’s journey. We deliver news from our partners, including regenerative farmers and producers, nonprofit organizations, and impact-driven community investment initiatives. You will be able to access real-time impact reports as that impact happens – with shorter waiting times until we can celebrate our outcomes, together!

We’re in the Business of Repair, Healing and Regeneration

Through innovative thinking and technology interfaces, SHEFA is becoming an efficient solution to the economic, social and environmental challenges that surround us. We’re a team of problem solvers working to build our business on a foundation of Tikkun Olam: healing our world, together.

Embrace Community-Driven Collaboration

We strive to nurture an inclusive community facilitating meaningful connections between all stakeholders. We nurture an environment of mutual respect, collaboration and transparency that facilitates mutual benefit. Visit the SHEFA Community to see more.

Facilitate the integration of Torah-based agricultural and ecological practises

We aim to support and facilitate the proliferation of mindful, regenerative and ecological farming and consumer behaviours through the education of Torah-based practises and principles.

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